My Downloads Collection

This collection of my downloads includes files created by others and those I have created myself.   The page will be updated as new tips and ideas are created.  Let me know via my contact page if I can create or source a tip or tweak to suit your individual computing needs.  

Tips and Tweaks for the Windows Operating System

The following downloads are mainly in the form of compressed Zip files which can be downloaded and extracted to a folder of your choice on your computer.  When opening the Zip file in Windows File Explorer, you will be given an option to extract the file.  The registry file will make the appropriate changes to your Windows Registry.  Therefore, it is a good practice to back up the Windows Registry in case of mistakes.  With the latest Windows Operating System using File Explorer, it is not necessary to install third party unzip programs as File Explorer has this feature already built in. 

How to Back up the Windows Registry
  1. Open a Windows Run command window, (Windows Key +R) and type in regedit. to open the Windows Registry.  
  2. When open, Select [File] from the menu bar.
  3. From the dropdown select the [Export] option.
  4. Choose a filename and location for you backup and select [Save].
  5. The [Import] option in the Registry Editor File menu can be used to restore your backup file if necessary.
Fonts Collection

A collection of fancy script fonts suitable for Presentation Certificates and Ceremony headings.

Desktop Stickers

A small script file that will add the Desktop Stickers option to the Windows Desktop. 

Take Ownership

This script allows the user to “Take Ownership” of a Windows Folder or File with a Right click option.

Remove WIndows 11 CoPiilot

A script to remove the new annoying Windows CoPilot feature.

Restore Classic Windows Photo Viewer

This script file will restore the classic Windows Photo Viewer feature in Windows 11.

Add Open with Windows Photo Viewer

This script adds Windows Photo Viewer to the “Open With” Context Menu.

Remove the Shortcut Overlay

Follow the instructions in the txt file to remove the arrow from Windows desktop shortcuts.

Restore Windows 10 Context menu

This script file will restore the Windows 10 Right Click Context menu in Windows 11.

Resize the Windows 11 Taskbar

This script file allows you to change the size of the Windows Taskbar to  Small, Medium, Large

Remove Duplicate USB Entries

A small script file to remove duplicae USB entries in Windows File Explorer.